3 things I can do to improve my health in 2018


Looking to transform your 2018? Follow these three simple rules.

Learn to say “No.”

In 2017, did you find your gas tank running on reserve for too long? How do you think running on empty affected your health? Ready to make a change? Let me tell you why simply learning to say “No” can improve your health.

Overloading your daily schedule overloads your adrenal glands – the glands that are responsible for producing your stress hormone, cortisol. When your body’s production of cortisol breaks your natural cycle, or circadian rhythm, a variety of changes start to happen. Some of these changes include:

  • Decreased progesterone levels in women; decreased testosterone levels in men
  • Altered thyroid hormones
  • Sugar cravings
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Low libido
  • An inability to lose weight


Would you like to know how always saying “Yes” is affecting your health? Find out by getting your cortisol circadian rhythm checked. Learn more. 

Eat breakfast like royalty

The #1 reason for hormone dysfunction in both men and women is unstable blood sugar. When insulin increases, your body responds by decreasing the production of other hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. To improve your hormone production, consume a large, loaded breakfast. If your breakfast is packed with proteins and fats (and some carbs), your blood sugar levels remain stable for greater lengths throughout the day. You’ll also feel fuller longer.

What should a royal breakfast look like?

  • Sausage, bacon, eggs (yolk included), hash-browns
  • Bacon omelet (yolk included)
  • Breakfast burrito
  • Protein Smoothie
  • Protein Pancakes

Interested in what else you can do to balance your hormones by healing your endocrine system? Learn more here.

Exercise to Heal

If your 2017 was stressful, there’s a good chance your adrenal glands are fatigued. In order to heal them, limit your exercise to 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. To maximize your 30 minutes make it a HIIT session – High Intensity Interval Training. Here is an example of what those sessions look like:

  • The first half of of your workout: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest period. The four exercises make 1 round. Complete 3 rounds.
    • Jumping jacks
    • Wall sit
    • Push ups
    • Plank
  • The second half of your workout: Same idea as the first half just different exercises.
    • Chair step ups
    • Squats
    • Left Side plank  
    • Lunges
    • Right Side plank

Exercise is a great place to begin your journey to healing your adrenal glands, ultimately balancing your hormones. To learn more ways you can heal your body, click here.

These three simple lifestyle decisions can get you started!

Make 2018 a year you do something for yourself.

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