How long will my results last?

We often get asked by patients, “if I go through this treatment, will my symptoms return as soon as I’m done?”

I’m here to tell you- from personal experience- that NO (!) your symptoms will not return when you are done with treatment. It originally took many years for your body to get to where it is. It does take some time to get better, but once your body is healed, it can stay healed.

Functional medicine doesn’t mask symptoms; it isn’t a band-aid. What it DOES is finds the root cause of your symptoms and works to create the right environment for your body to heal itself. That’s what our bodies are designed to do. Functional medicine treats the body as a whole, not as separate systems. It awakens the innate power within you to restore your body to health. After all, you were healthy once, right? Well then, you can be healthy again!

After you complete a functional medicine program, there are some things you can do to help your body remain healed. There are ways of living that will help your body handle all that it has to deal with going forward. At Dynamic Health Center of Utah, we believe in education. We assist our patients with superior lifestyle choices and natural approaches to healthy bodies, every step of the way. You can take control of your health!

The following suggestions will help keep your body functioning at an optimal level:


Inflammation is at the root of most diseases. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet is very important in keeping the gut healthy, therefore reducing inflammation throughout the body.



We all know we need sleep, right? So just do it 🙂



Stress is a part of human existence, especially in our busy, modern world. Don’t stress out about it! But do have some personal practices in place that help you deal with the inevitable stress of life. Being deliberate about giving your body some relaxation and quiet is extremely beneficial.



Don’t be fooled by the next biggest exercise program out there, promising all kinds of results. Not all forms of exercise are meant for all people! Find the right style of exercise for you. Hint: if it stresses you out or you dread doing it, it isn’t right for you!


Yearly Liver Detox

We live in a toxic world. There is no getting away from environmental pollution, chemicals and contaminants in our food and water. There is no reason, though, to starve ourselves or go through harsh detox regimens. This detox we recommend gently cleanses and adds the needed nutrients to assist your body in the detoxification processes it is so beautifully designed to do.

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