Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching and What it is

Overall well being

What is Lifestyle Coaching?

Lifestyle Coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from mentoring, therapy, consulting,  giving general advice, or counseling. The Lifestyle Coaching process focuses on specific personal items, business situations, overall conditions and transitions in the your personal life, profession, and/or relationships by discovering what is going on now, identifying what your challenges are or could be, and selecting a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.

By coaching you through changes in your lifestyle, we are able to improve your overall health and well being and help you create a better outlook on your life, and as a result, be successful in all aspects of your life.

Kelli Green

Kellie Green – Lifestyle Coach

Why are We Different from Other Lifestyle Coaches?

Often, when doctors propose lifestyle changes to their patients, the patients make no effort at home to implement those changes. We try to ensure that is not the case in our clinic. Kelli is a specialist when it comes to changing lifestyles due to her own previous health reasons. She can help you overcome similar obstacles due to her experiences.

Since lifestyle changes are a huge part of Functional Medicine treatment plans, working with Kelli will be part of the treatment plans. Kelli will provide recipes and other helpful tips geared towards assisting each patient with these changes. We are geared towards your success!

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