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Meet the Doctor

Doctor Kylie Burton

Growing up, Dr. Burton could always be found on the volleyball court. After high school, she took her love for volleyball to Southern Utah University (SUU) where she was the setter and team captain on their very first volleyball team. While at SUU, she took a nutrition class and fell in love with food and how food impacts our health. In 2012, following a study abroad trip to Japan, she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition.

Due to divine intervention, Dr. Burton was introduced to chiropractic and functional medicine the year following undergraduate school. She was mesmerized by the unique approach this type of medicine provided to patients and saw firsthand the impact it had on their health and lifestyle. Thus began her journey to becoming a chiropractor with a functional medicine specialty. In March of 2017, she graduated from the University of Western States with her Doctorate of Chiropractic, becoming a doctor and a mother in the same week!

Six months after completing her doctorate, she and her husband became parents and she finished her Certificate in Functional Medicine from Functional Medicine University (FMU). Together, chiropractic and functional medicine provide her with powerful healing tools and a knowledge base that brings the future of medicine to her patients today.

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Dr Kylie Burton

Meet the Office Manager / Lifestyle Coach

Kelli Green

Chiropractic and Functional Medicine changed Kelli’s life! In 2011, Kelli saw a chiropractor, because she kept getting injured while training for a race. After a diagnosis of scoliosis and imbalanced hormones, she decided to jump right into treatment. A year later, she was a different person. Not only did she feel better than she ever had, but her eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibilities:

  • She learned that her body could guide her toward what it needed to heal.
  • Food and the way we move our bodies can be nourishing
  • The mainstream ideas of health aren’t necessarily what is best.

All of this has led to a lifelong quest for knowledge. She is always learning, growing and discovering ways to bring optimal health to herself, her family and those she comes in contact with. Kelli is a wife, mother of three and also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and second degree Reiki practitioner. She brings great knowledge and energy to the Dynamic team!

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Kelli Green - Office Manager