Customer Testimonials

Pain Free

“I went to the doctor to get help [for pneumonia] 8 days ago. He gave me doxyclycline so I wouldn’t be put in the hospital. I am never in pain but for the past week I have been crawling out of bed. I could hardly move… Today I went to see Dr. Burton. After spinal manipulation and an ionic detox foot bath, I felt lighter. When I returned the next day for a follow up treatment, I was pain free. I am so glad I called Dr. Burton. She knew what was happening with my pain and how to address it.”

Clinton, UT

Best Night Sleep

After one chiropractic treatment – “I don’t know what you did to me but that was the BEST NIGHT SLEEP I’ve had in a long time! I actually woke up feeling rested.”

Clinton, UT

Weekly Headache Relief

“I suffered from headaches on a weekly basis for about a year. I never would have guessed that it could be treated by a chiropractor. After my first visit, I immediately felt relief. Eventually a whole week passed by and no headache! Amazing service and very professional. Was a great experience overall and would highly recommend!”

Portland, OR

Power Lifting Muscle Firing Help

I am a power lifter and I can tell the difference in my lifting when muscles are firing and when they aren’t. Dr. Burton works on me before competitions and during the last one (in June), I set a new PR in both the deadlift and bench (It was also a new state record). Many others at my gym have been waiting for Dr. Burton to start practicing, so she can begin treating them.

Andrew Burton

Overcome Injuries

Tyrell Yardley

I wish I graduated 4 years ago, so I could have treated by Dr. Burton during my BYU track career. I was plagued with injuries and nothing really helped. She does wonders.

Tyrell Yardley

Adjustments Last Longer

I refuse to see other chiropractors because my “adjustments last longer” when I see Dr. Burton.


Mark Yardley